I draw from Gottman Couples Therapy (completed Level 1 and Level 2 advanced training) in my work with couples. This is a research based, goal-oriented approach to help couples build a more fulfilling relationship. Gottman’s approach deals with conflict and its resolution, but it also extends beyond the conflict and focuses on building and repairing the couple’s friendship and love. It emphasizes the couple’s shared meaning system while at the same time helps couples honor and respect difference. I have advanced training in both trauma treatment and couples therapy, which uniquely positions me to treat couples where one or both partners have a trauma history.

My strengths help me guide clients in couples counseling to:

  • Enhance communication
  • Build new communication skills and strategies
  • Increase levels of trust, connection and affection
  • Work through betrayal/affairs
  • Identify interfering behavioral patterns
  • Resolve conflict peacefully
  • Increase respect and admiration

I welcome all couples into counseling: non-married couples, dating couples, pre-marital couples, same-sex couples, and non-married co-parents.